dilitron? of Syracuse, 317-289 BC (Agathocles)

Obv. hd Kore l., grain of corn, SURAKOSIWN
Rev. bull butting l., dolphin above and below. Symbols and letters. Here: NI above bull

Calciati 96          9.48 g         Kunsthandel M. Zilverberg October 1993 b

?                   [CALCIATI, 1986, 1995]
hemidrachm/dilitron [SNG America Part 5, 1988] Hemidrachm if decrease in weight has continued.
                                               Dilitron if bronze standard has slightly restored (two dolphins di...).
hemilitron          [SNG Budapest, 1993]

a 1st exemplar
a 2nd exemplar
a 3rd exemplar
a 4th exemplar

Calc. 96
Calc. 97 Overstrike