tetradrachm of Syracuse, 405-400 BC ca.

Obv. head Arethusa Soteira facing, around four dolphins. Above outside linear border AREQO-SA, SW in left field.
Rev. quadriga driven by male charioteer. Nike above crowning charioteer, in ex: SURAKOSIWN and ear of barley.

Tudeer 80 (V29/R53)    17.37 g    Sotheby's, Auction Zurich October 1993 no. 12

obverse signated by the artist Kimon (obverse on ampyx: KIMWN)

Cahn prefers the earlier date 413 BC (defeat of the Athenian fleet in the harbour of Syracuse).

See die-coupling (Tudeer 58-106) and 'hairstyle' I (obv. hd Arethusa facing)