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       Herbita Sikel town.
446 BC Archonides, ruler of Herbita, founds in collaboration with Duketios Kalakte.
440 BC New rise of the Sikels prevented by Syracuse, since Trinakie is conquered and 
       destroyed. Herbita anti Syracuse.
414 BC Dead of Archinodes. The Sikels make an alliance with Gilippo and Pithene,
       who are allied with Syracuse.
403 BC Dionysios of Syracuse fails to conquer Herbita, which is again anti Syracuse.
       Peace-treaty with Dionysios.
369 BC Renewal of the peace-treaties with Syracuse (Dionysios), which is related to 
       the foundation of Tyndaris by Dionysios.
317 BC Syracuans seek refuge in Herbita from the tyranny of Agathocles.
Roman period
       The city declines and becomes a small village.