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649-648 BC (Sear: c. 650) Himera founded by Euclides, Simo and Sacone (Chalcidians) 
           from Zancle and Mylae
482-483 BC Terillus (tyrant of Himera) driven out by Theron of Akragas.
480 BC     Terillus (and Anaxilas, ruler of Rhegium) asked Carthago for help.
           Himera besieged by the Carthaginians (Hamilcar).
           Carthago defeated by Theron and Gelon (Syracusa).
476 BC     Theron repeoples Himera with Dorian colonists.
472 BC     Expulsion of the Akragantine tyrants (considerable prosperity).
409/8 BC   Himera conquered and destroyed by Hannibal.
407-406 BC Foundation of Thermai (Termini Imerese) 11 km west of Himera.
           The new inhabitants were Carthaginians and Himerean people who escaped from the massacre.