AR hemidrachm of Himera, 342/341-336 BC ca.

Obv. hd Kronos, KPONOS
Rev. thunderbolt flanked by grain ear and eagle clasping a snake

1.84 g   Triton I Auction (1997) no. 227

Only three recorded specimens.
Boehringer "Himera Im IV. Jahrhundert v. Chr." in Kraay-Morkholm Essays,
pl. VIII, 14 (same dies - this example mentioned on pg. 36)
Leu Numismatik Auktion 65 (21-22 May 1996), lot 75 (same dies)

According to Boehringer type obviously based on the bronzes of Syracuse (pl. VIII, 15)
time of Timoleon (344-336 BC).
As the Carthaginians would not have allowed any expression of independence by Himera
prior to Timoleon's defeat of Carthage at the Krimissos river (342 or 341 BC),
the coins must belong to the period following the battle.