Thermai (Termini Imerese)

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409/8 BC   Himera conquered and destroyed by Hannibal.
407-406 BC Foundation of Thermai (Termini Imerese) by Carthaginians 11 km west of Himera.
           The new inhabitants were Carthaginians and Himerean people who escaped from the massacre.
396 BC     Alliance together with Kephaloidion with Carthago (Himilcar) against the expansionism of
           Dionysios of Syracuse.
395 BC     Thermai, Solunto, Henna and Kephaloidion conquered by Dionysios.
... BC     Thermai reoccupied by the Carthaginians.
343-339 BC Thermai conquered by Timoleon
... BC     Thermai reoccupied by the Carthaginians?
307 BC     Thermai reoccupied by Agathocles of Syracuse (Agathocles is born in Thermai).
252 BC     The Romans take definitive possession of the city.