Henna (Enna)

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7C BC      Site under the influence of Gela
664-643 BC Henna founded by Syracusan colonists (633 BC according to Stephanus of Byzantium).
552 BC     Henna allied with Syracuse, helped Syracuse to control the rebellion of Kamarina
           (source Philistus).
           City inhabited by Greek people (affirmed by Dionysius of Halicarnassus).
           Cult of Demeter and Kore (Persephone). Shrines with big statues of Demeter and Triptolemus.
396 BC     Henna conquered by Dionysios of Syracuse (by treason).
309 BC     Henna allied with Gela against Agathocles of Syracuse.
307 BC     Henna falls under the Syracusans.
263-262 BC Alliance with the Romans in the First Punic War.
259 BC     Henna falls under Carthago (Hamilcar).
           Treaty of friendship with Entella.
214 BC     Afraid that Henna should be taken by Carthago,the Roman garrison massacres
           the inhabitants of Henna, gathered in the theatre.
139-137 BC Henna centre of the revolt of the slaves led by Euno.
133 BC     The city is conquered by consul L. Calpuriuns Piso
          (consul Rupilius is sended with a legion).
132 BC     The slave rebellion comes to an end when Euno is captured.