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             Agyrion is situated on the summit of a conical shaped mountain.
             Cult of Herakles
             Birthplace of Diodorus Siculus.
450 BC       One of the first bronze coins issued on Sicily (eagle/wheel, lilied spokes)
early 4C BC  Agyris tyrant, the most powerful tyrant after Dionysios.
             At this time more than 20,000 inhabitants.
392 BC       Agyrion helps Dionysios against Carthago (Magone).
339 BC       Tyrant Apolloniades expelled from the city by Timoleon.
             10,000 new inhabitants from Greece.
             Theatre, bouleutherion, agora, towers, pyramidal tombs.
280 BC       Agyrion the first against the rule of Akragas (Phintias) and frees itself.
Roman Period Agyrion still a rich agricultural city at the time of Cicero.