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476 BC     Aitna founded when Katane was repeopled with 10000 people from Syracuse 
           and the Peloponnesus by Hieron of Syracuse (475 BC).
461 BC     A new Aitna is founded on the slopes of the Etna by people from Katane.
           Duketios expells the Syracusan colonists. They went to Inessa (Aitna-Inessa),
           a fortified Sicel centre on the southern slopes of the Etna.
402 BC     Garrison of Kampanion mercenaries send by Dionysios.
           These horsemen and oplites had revolted against Dionysios.
           Aitna becomes the centre of opposition against the tyranni of Dionysios I.
357-345 BC Aitna joins the Symmachy.
348 BC     The tyrant Mamerco of Katane is defeated and killed.
341-340 BC The Kampanians of Aitna are wiped out by Timoleon.
Roman Period