Katane, Catana, Catane (Catania)

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729 BC     Founded by Chalcidians from Naxos led by Evascos.
476 BC     Katana conquered by Hieron of Syracuse, inhabitants moved to Leontinoi.
           Katana repeopled with 10,000 Syracusans and mercenaries from the Peloponnesus.
           Aitna is the new name of the city.
467 BC or
461 BC     The Chalcidians drive the mercenaries out of the city.
           The city is renamed Katane.
412-409 BC Aitna (Katana) attacked by Syracuse (Athenian fleet welcomed in the harbour of Katana).
403 BC     Katana occupied by Dionysios. Inhabitants sold as slaves.
           New inhabitants Campanian mercenaries.
345 BC     Katana ruled by the tyrant Mamerco. He and Hicetas (tyrant of Leontinoi) ask Carthago
           for help.
263 BC     The city surrenders to the Romans.
210 BC     Civitas Decumana and important grain centre, one of the 17 "privileged" cities
           custodians of the temple of Venus in Eryx.