tetradrachm of Katana (named Aitna), 476-466 BC

Obv. hd Silenus, AITNAION
Rev. Zeus Aitnaios seated. Eagle before

17.23 g      P.R. Franke and M. Hirmer (1964, 1972) Die Griechische Münze (no. 33)

Might also be the first issue of Inessa/Aitna rather than the last issue of Katane/Aitna/Katane

497     BC   Katane   fallen under the domination of the tyrants
476-466 BC   Aitna    probably after an eruption of Mount Etna Hieron of Syracuse evacuated the Kataneans to Leontinoi.
                      The city was refounded ubder the name of Aitna with new settlers from Syracuse and the poloponnese.
                      Capital of Hieron.
466     BC   Katane   fall of the Tyranny. Hieron's supporters were allowed to settle at Imessa (renamed Aitna)
                      original inhabitants of Katane could return home.