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           Sikel town, contacts with the Greek cities on the coast.
           The tyrant Simychos has given up his rule to follow the theories of Pythagoras.
414 BC     Allied with the Athenians in the war against Syracuse.
           Defeat of a Syracusan expedition to the inland area.
396 BC     Treaty with Syracuse
           Damon, tyrant of Kentoripai.
beginning 4C BC
           Kentoripai allies with Dionysios I
344 BC     Timoleon's victory at Crimisos river.
           Nikodemus (tyrant of Kentoripai) and Apolloniades (tyrant of Agyrion) come into conflict
           with Timoleon. The tyrants are expelled and their territories are annexed.

           Kentoripai is one of the first cities on Sicily that come to an agreement with the Romans.
           Kentoripai becomes one of the most important cities in Roman Sicily.