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           Site inhabited since Neolithic Age.
750 BC     (734 BC) Naxos is said to be the first Greek colony on Sicily.
           Chalcidians and probably also Ionian colonists (Name Ionian).
495 BC     Altar to Apollo Archagetas, the god of Delos, also worshipped in Euboea.
476 BC     Naxos attacked by Gela (Hippocrates).
           Naxos is conquered and destroyed by Syracuse (Hieron). Its inhabitants
           are exiled (with those of Katane) to Leontinoi.
466 BC     After the fall of the Dinomenides the Naxians return to their city,
           which had been rebuilt by Hieron with the help of colonists from Locri.
427-424 BC Naxos is allied with Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
403 BC     Naxos completely destroyed by Dionysios of Syracuse after the treason
           of Procles (probably the same who signs coins in the late 5C BC).
358 BC     Surviving people to Tauromenion (leaded by Andromachos, father of the 
           historian Timaeus). Tauromenion continues the minting tradition of the 
           Chalcidian colony.
 36 BC     Naval battle near Naxos between Sextus Pompeus and Octavianus.