Tauromenion (Taormina)

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           Area occupied by the Sikels, who had been driven from the coast by the 
           colonists from Naxos.
396 BC     City Tauromenion founded by the Sikels on the "Monte Tauro" with the help 
           of the Carthaginians (Himilco).
394 BC     Dionysios tried to conquer the city but failed.
392 BC     Treaty between Dionysios and the Carthaginians. Dionysios now ruler over 
           Tauromenion. The Sikels were driven out and replaced by his mercenaries.
358 BC     Tauromenion is founded again as Greek city (Andromachos, father of the 
           historian Timaeus). Inhabitants surviving people from all over Sicily
           (eg people from Naxos).
345 BC     Tauromenion military base of Timoleon (with the help of Andromachos).
           Tauromenion very important fortress.
305 BC     Tauromenion annexed by Syracuse (Agathocles).
early 3C BC Tauromenion (tyrant Tyndarion) helps Pyrrhus to conquer Syracuse.
270 BC     Hieron II uses the city as a naval base against the Mamertines.
201 BC     Tauromenion becomes a Roman city.
134-132 BC During the Slaves War one of the main fortresses of the ribel army.
           Only with great difficulty reconquered by consul Rupilio.
 21 BC     Octavianus Augustus founds a colony in Taormina and drives out its 
           original inhabitants.