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729       BC founded as a Chalcidian colony

early 5C  BC Hippocrates tyrant of Gela (498-491 BC) conquers Leontinoi (Naxos, Zancle and other cities)

             Deinomenides (sons of Deinomenes)
491-478   BC Gelon tyrant of Gela (after 485 of Syracuse)
476       BC Hieron I tyrant of Syracuse (478-467/6 BC) moves the inhabitants of Naxos and Katane towards Leontinoi
467/6     BC Thrasuboulos tyrant of Syracuse. His unpopularity resulted in an uprising of the Syracusans, supported
             by other Sicilian cities. Thrasuboulos retired to Locri.

464       BC Leontinoi is independent again. Treaty of alliance with Athens.

425       BC The city is again ruled by Syracuse (democracy from 466-406 BC). The walls are pulled down.
             The town is used as a military fortress
406       BC Survivers of Akragas (sacked by the Carthaginians. 409 Selinus and Himera, 406 Akragas, 405 Gela and 
             Kamarina) are allowed to settle in Leontinoi.
396       BC Dionysius I tyrant of Syracuse (405-367 BC) surrenders Leontinoi to 10000 of his mercenaries to prevent
357       BC Leontinoi directly involved in the internal struggle between Dionysios II (tyrant of Syracusa (son of 
             Dionysios I) 367-343/2 BC) and Dion (357-354 BC)
338       BC Timoleon (344-336 BC) occupies the city. A fortress is build (the walls of the city are not restored).

309       BC Agathocles (317-289 BC) conquers and sacks the city as a punishment for choosing the Carthaginian side 

278       BC Pyrrhus (278-276 BC) uses the fortress (built by Timoleon) of Leontinoi

263       BC Leontinoi again under the rule of Syracuse as a result of a treaty between Hieron II (275/4-216 BC) and
             the Carthaginians
214       BC The Romans (Consul Marcellus) attack the city and destroy it
214       BC Hieronymus, the last king of Syracuse dies in Leontinoi