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710     BC Achaean colony
550     BC Modern Calabria in the hands of Rhegium and Locri,
           especially after the siege over Kroton at the river Sagra (c. 550 BC).
510/511 BC Destruction of Sybaris I by Kroton
           Kroton heir to the Sybarite 'empire'
444     BC Kroton looses the territory of Sybaris by the foundation of Thurii,
           also the Italic expansion of the Lucani and Bruttii decreased the power of Kroton.
           The Greek cities, including Kroton, formed themselves into a league.
           Dionysius I of Syracuse made an alliance with the Lucanians in an attempt to take Rhegion.   
379-367 BC Kroton conquered by Dionysius I of Syracuse
356     BC Brettian Leage
330     BC Kroton liberated from the Bruttii by Agathocles     
296-289 BC Kroton conquered by Agathocles (since 318 BC ruler of Syracuse)
280     BC Kroton occupied by Pyrrhus Staters of reduced weight
277     BC Kroton fell to the Romans. City reduced in size