stater of Terina, 440-425 BC ca.

Obv. hd. nymph Terina within olive-wreath
Rev. Nike seated on hydra, TERINAION

Regling 7             7.68 g   Pozzi 861 vente 338
Holloway-Jenkins 12

R 7a   7.78 g Athens
R 7b   7.68 g Berlin
R 7c   7.24 g Hirsch Cat XIV Taf IV 152 M
R 7d   7.69 g Hirsch Cat  XV Taf VI 880 M
R 7e          Paris
R 7f          im Handel, Gibsabguss in Berlin
        7.68 g Pozzi 861 vente 338

R 8a   7.48 g Wien 6146 von zweifelbar Echtheit

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