AR stater/nomos of Terina, 420 BC ca.

Obv. hd. nymph Terina, within olive wreath border
Rev. Nike seated on large hydra lying on its side, holding wreath and kerykeion, TERINAIWN

Regling 15 (these dies)           7.66 g   Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction 13 October 1998 no. 237
Holloway-Jenkins 15 (this coin)            Ex Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig no. 237

R 15a   7.52 g Cambridge Leake 4,  SNG IV part I Fitzwilliam Museum 859 (7.50 g) 
R 15b   7.92 g Hirsch Cat XVI Taf V 192 M
R 15c   7.31 g Hirsch
R 15d          München
R 15e          Paris
R 15    7.48 g SNG ANS 3 805
R 15    7.66 g this coin
R 15    7.92 g SNG Hungary Budapest Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Vol I Part 2 642
R 15    7.45 g SNG VII Manchester University Museum 351 (cf Regling 15)

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