didrachm of Kymai 420 BC ca.

Obv. hd Athena wearing Attic helmet decorated with olive-wreath
Rev. mussel-shell, dog on serpent? above

Hands Class VIII       7.55 g           SNG Cop 361

Hands (1909) Class VIII

 1. hd Athena/mussel-shell, dog holding snake, above                  7.55 SNG Cop 361 (this one)
                                                                      7.30 SNG BMC 6
                                                                      7.66 SNG ANS 248
                                                                      7.26 SNG IV Fitzw 115
 2. hd Athena/mussel-shell, grain of barley above (barbarous style)
 3. hd Athena/mussel-shell, serpent above (barbarous style)                Cabinet at Naples