Neapolis (Napoli)

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6C  BC Cumae founded the new town Neapolis.
450 BC became more important when new Greek colonists came from Chalcis, Pithecusa and Athens.

400 BC Velia and Naples the only remaining centres of Hellenic culture along the Tyrrhenian coast.
       Naples conquered by the Samnites?
327 BC War with Rome. The Samnites went to its assistance and installed a garrison.
       The city was devided. The demos was in favour of the Samnites. The ruling class supported Rome.
326 BC the pro-Roman group handed the city over to Rome.
       Romano-Campanian coins minted almost certain in Naples after the treaty with Rome in 326 BC,
       perhaps in commemoration of it.
280 BC Naples and Capua closed their gates for Pyrrhus, none of Rome's allies joined him.
       Greek official language until the age of Constantine!