bronze coin of Neapolis (Campania), 340-326 BC ca.

Obv. hd of Apollo, hair in curved crescent
Rev. forepart man-headed bull, star on flank. Above: [NE]OPOLITHS

Sambon 564    5.33 g    Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction 13 8th October 1998 no. 46
                        Ex Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig no. 46

Of the type hd Apollo/forepart of man-headed bull 5 time periods are mentioned
(M. Taliercio, 'Il bronzo di Neapolis', Atti VII, 219-373):

325-300 BC 1st example 5.33 g (this coin) 
305-295 BC 1st example 1.63 g
300-280 BC 1st example 2.89 g
           2nd example 1.23 g
280-270 BC 1st example 2.16 g
           2nd example 1.16 g
           3rd example 1.06 g
250-200 BC 1st example 0.66 g

    Figure 1

    Weight distrubution of 108 coins

    The heavier coins belong mostly to
    the time period 325-300 BC.