nomos/didrachm of Neapolis (Campania), 420-400 BC ca.

Obv. hd of Athena wearing Attic helmet decorated with laurel wreath
Rev. man-headed bull, above NEPOLITES

Rutter ...    7.45 g     P.R. Franke and M. Hirmer (1964, 1972) Die Griechische Münze (no. 322)
                         London BM p 92, 1

A.W. Hands (1909) 
450-420 BC Class IIa	hd Athena r. Attic crestless  NEOPO retrograde /man-headed bull l.
                     1st example
415-380 BC Class IIb	hd Athena r. Attic (Thurium) sometimes with owl/man-headed bull l. or r. butting foot raised
                     1st example (this coin)
                     2nd example
415-380 BC Class IIc	Samnite imitations or works of ancient forgers (A.Sambon). Very poor style with imperfect legend. 
340 BC     Class IId	owl on helmet (influence of Athens)/Nike NEOPLIT in ex.