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433/2   BC Founded jointly by Taras and Thourioi.
           The Tarantines were predominantly in power and defended the city
           from the attacks of the Messapians.
           Diobols ca. 1.30 g (average 1.23 g),
380-345 BC During the time when Archytas was ruling in Tarentum, Herakleia  
           became the seat of the general assembly of the Italiot Greeks.
           Period of the city's greatest prosperity.
331     BC Alexander of Epirus (against the Tarentines) took possession of Herakleia,
           and ordered the general assemblies at Thurium.
330     BC Bronze coins now struck at Herakleia (and Tarentum. 430 Naples, Croton,    
           and Pandosia. 400 Poseidonia, Laus, Thurium, Consentia, Rhegium, and 
           Terina. 350 Metapontum, Velia and Nuceria. 300 Locri).
290     BC Romans founded their colony at Venusia, 70 miles north of Herakleia.
           Thurians and Lucanians forced into alliance with Rome.
281     BC Pyrrhus came to Italy. Reduction of the didrachm from 123-120 grains to about 
           102-99 grains.
           Consul Laevinius defeated by Pyrrhus near Herakleia.
           Up to that time Herakleia had been in alliance with the Tarantines and Lucanians 
           against the Romans.
278     BC Herakleia entered into a most favourable alliance with Rome.
           For many years some degree of prosperity was preserved. Other Greek cities suffered 
273     BC Pyrrhus leaves Italy.
272     BC Surrendered (with Tarentum) to the Romans.
268     BC The mint at Herakleia stopped. The new Roman denarii (269 BC) took the place of the 
           Greek coinage