half nomos/stater of Metapontion, 440 BC ca

Obv. ear of barley, META r.
Rev. Apollo standing with bow, in laurel wreath

Noe 320a 3.95 g Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction 13 8th October 1998 no. 133 Ex Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig no. 133 Classical Numismatic Group Mail Bid Sale 69 (2005) 46. Price realized: 2,700 USD From the H.B. Collection. Ex Sammlung Ludwig (Numismatica Ars Classica 13, 8 October 1998), lot 133; Kunstfreund [Gillet] (Leu & Mnzen und Medaillen, 28-29 May 1974), lot 66; Ars Classica XIV (2 July 1929), lot 32; Imhoof-Blumer Collection. The only half nomos in the Metapontine series. Introduced as an experiment with the first double relief nomoi from the city, it was obviously a failure, never to be repeated. One of thirteen specimens cited by Noe, with an impressive pedigree linking it to the collections of at least three important numismatists. Please note that if you are referring to the 1984 reprint of Noes work, the entries for 320-322 have been badly garbled, leading to some confusion regarding the types and numbers of known specimens. Noe 320a 3.96 g Naville XIV 32, NAC 13 (1998) 133 b 3.61 g BMC 52 c 3.80 g Berlin ex Fox d 3.63 g Berlin ex Peytrignet e 3.66 g Cambridge McClean 920 f .... g Naples Fiorelli 2350 g 2.64 g Vienna h 3.40 g Hunterian 27 i 3.80 g ET Newell ex Headlam 211 and Hartwig 215 j 3.92 g AH Lloyd ex Ratto 1912 248 ex Hirsch XXVI 22 k .... g Baron Pennisi di Floristella l .... g Hess Berlin Dupl 297 m 3.70 g Hirsch XIV 84