Sybarite 'Empire'

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Before 510 BC Sybaris ruled over a number of neighbouring peoples and cities.
An ancient sorce records that the city ruled over four tribes in the neighbourhood and held twenty-five cities subject.
It maintained links with Ionia (Miletus), and also with Etruria.
It founded Laus, Scidrus (the site not known) and Poseidonia.

Associated with the influence of Sybaris in southern Italy

AMI                    Aminaioi of Timpone della Motta?
                       (received Achaean settlers, sanctuary dedicated to Athena)
Torre del Michelicchio (received Achaean settlers)
SO                     Rogliano/Lucanian Sontini, or their chief settlement Sontia (Sanza)
PAL MOL                Palinuro, Molpa hill
SERD                   Serdaioi (Tyrrhenian coast of Lucania)


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