triobol of Sybaris, 453-448 BC (Poseidoniate type)

Obv. Poseidon
Rev. bird

1.03 g SNG München 1165 1. Poseidon/bird 10 2. Poseidon/bird within wreath 4 bird: According to Kraay laios, with reference to Laus and its role in the foundation of Sybaris III (453-448 BC). A laios is a kind of thrush. It seems highly probable that the Laaus birds and the Sybarite birds are the same. The bird is probably the: Blue Rock Thrush Petrocichla cyanus Monticola cyanus or Monticola solitarius Dr. George Miles has kindly supplied this identification. SNG ANS 139-46 of Laus, represent excellent representations of the bird.