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Welcome to "The Coins of Magna Graecia".
My aim is to built lists of published Greek coin types of Italy and Sicily (including Carthaginian issues from Zeugitana, Sardinia etc.) till 212 BC. The coin illustrations come largely from the stock of commercial numismatists and public collections. They are not published before, unless indicated.
Inevitably these lists will contain errors and misinterpretations of the literature. I hope that you will inform me about these errors so that in time an up to date list will arise.

All the coin lists are still under construction. The coin list of Syracusa is most advanced.

The home page of "Coins of Magna Graecia" consists of a map of Magna Graecia.
The Magna Graecia map is divided in regions. Clicking on a region brings you to a more detailed map of the region with the cities indicated by dots. Greek cities are indicated by red dots, Carthagian or Etruscan cities by green dots and native (Messapian, Sicel etc.) cities are indicated by black dots.
Clicking a dot gives you information of the city.
Clicking the name of the city in the region map brings you to the coin types issued by the city.
Clicking [List] gives you the total list of the cities of Magna Graecia that issued coins in the period 500-200 BC.

Also the city list is divided in regions.
Clicking on a region name, brings you to the more detailed map of the region.
Clicking on a city name brings you to the coin types issued by that city.

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Justification for these lists
Short history Magna Graecia 500 BC-212 BC