tetradrachm of Segesta, 405-400 BC ca.

Obv. hero Aigestes, 2 hounds at his feet one sniffing, small ithyphallic herm before; EGESTAION
Rev. hd nymph Segesta, hair bound in ampyx; SEGESTAZIA. double-struck

17.02 g          Triton I, New York, Auction December 2-3, 1997, no. 296

Lederer 6; Mildenberg, "Kimon in the Manner of Segesta", in Proceedings of the 8th
International Congres of Numismatics, pl. 11, 21 (same dies); McClean 2555 (same dies);
Kraay-Hirmer pl. 71, 203 (same dies)

1st specimen
2nd specimen
3rd specimen