onkia/hexas of Akragas, 450 BC ca.

Obv. eagle (AK)
Rev. crab

Calciati 9   9.10 g   munthandel G. Henzen, Sept 2002 no. a

This is the only member of the second cast series. It has a round shape and is without a
mark of value. Westermark (1979, p 5) lists 10 exemplars. Calciati I lists 3 more. The flan is
truncated-conical. The metal is poor, the coins were cast in pairs.
The weight is ca. 9 g (Romolo Calciati: Corpus Nummorum Siculorum I 1981) 

Westermark proposes the possibility that the heavy onkia (Calciati 8) may be associated
with this round "hexas" and "... that these two coins form a separate group based on a heavier
standard of ca 54 g independent of the cone shaped coins of a somewhat lighter weight
(litra ca 45 g)." (Ulla Westermark: The Fifth Century Bronze Coinage of Akragas
in Atti del VI Convegno del Centro Internazionale di Studi Numismatici - 
Napoli 17-22 Aprile 1977, pp 3-25)

         .... g  Berlin

C 9     10.24 g  pc
C 9/1    8.65 g  pc
C 9/2    9.02 g  SNG America 1021
C 9/3    7.70 g  pc

         8.3  g  Circolo Numismatico Ticinese 1995 43

         9.33 g  NAC 13 255

         9.10 g  Henzen Sept. 2002