Herakleia Minoa

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550 BC     As Minoa founded by Selinous in order to limit the growing strength of Akragas.
508 BC     Herakleiia added probably by the Spartan colonists led by Eurileontes.
           [seized by Euryleon (Akragas possession)]
409 BC     Heraclea destroyed (Carthago town Ras Melkart)

405-396 BC Cefalu autonomous city, bronze issue parellel to Herakleia's issues. 

357 BC     City subjected to the Carthaginians (according to Diodoros).
345 BC     democracy restored by Timoleon
... BC     by treaty again Carthaginian territory
339 BC     part of the population of Cefalu reaches Minoa, after the treaty between Timoleon and 
... BC     mixed Punic/Greek population seized and subjected by Agathocles of Syracusa
276 BC     captured by Pyrrhus
264-241 BC Disputed at the time 1st Punic War
262        Base of Hanno
... BC     changed hands several times
210 BC     permanently Roman