tetradrachm of Himera, 410 BC ca.

Obv. fast quadriga driven by the nymph Himera, crowned by Nike flying above with r. hand. In her l. hand Nike holds a tablet on which MAI. In exergue hippocamp.
Rev. nymph Himera sacrificing. To r. satyr bathing in fountain basin. Legend IMEPAION

..... g   P.R. Franke and M. Hirmer (1964, 1972) Die Griechische Münze (no. 71), Paris

According to Kraay 1976 short period to develop fast quadriga type before the first Carthaginian invasion 410/400 BC, 
in which Himera was destroyed (409/8 BC).
As a consequence there is only a single die of this type.

..... g   Franke and Hirmer 71, Paris
17.41 g   Triton I 225
17.39 g   Triton I 224
17.30 g   Triton V 1174
17.29 g   Triton V 1173
17.29 g   NAC 13 306
17.03 g   Berk 98 67