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357-338 BC Campanian mercenaries. Took probably the name from the river Silaros.
           The settlement has been identified with Cozzo Mususino, a natural 
           strong-holt between Alimena and Resuttano.
           Different groups of Campanian mercenaries, the Sileraioi are one of them.

404 BC     Campanian mercenaries of Dionysios I of Syracuse.
403 BC     Dionysios attacks Katane and peoples the city with the Campanians.
396 BC     Campanian contingent moved to Aitna.
346-345 BC Carthaginian invasion under Hanno. Quarrel about the boundaries of the 
           Carthaginian area and the Syracusan area. Entella in these area's.
           Entella the first firm settlement of Campanians in Sicily.
342 BC     Timoleon hits Entella (in favour of Carthago).
           Nakona an other Campanian settlement (coins bearing the legend KAMPANON).