tetradrachm of Katana, 410 BC ca.

Obv. galloping quadriga, Nike flying above crowning the charioteer
Rev. hd Apollo, fish and crayfish before, bay leaf behind, KATANAIWN

76 (O38/R58)   17.06 g   Triton I Auction 1997 no. 246, 410 BC

Reverse (triple struck) signed by the engraver Prokles
The artist Prokles was most likely a native of Naxos, as most of his work comes from there.

 1. ..... g  Rizzo XIV 16
 2. 16.73 g  Giesecke Tafel 5 5 (Egger 1906 nr 68)
 3. 17.06 g  Triton I Auction 1997 no. 246

See die-coupling signed tetradrachms (Van Wielink Group IV)