Group I-II, Group III, Group IV

Die-coupling of the tetradrachms of Leontinoi O: Obverse on the horizontal axes, R: Reverse on the vertical axes Linked die-couples (either by obverse or by reverse) are indicated by colors. For more information about a specific die combination click the number. Numbers (die combinations) with blue borders are illustrated.

O 19

O 20

O 21

O 22

O 23

O 24

O 25

O 26

O 27

O 28

O 29

O 30

O 31

O 32

R 28

R 29

R 30

R 31

R 32

R 33

R 37

R 40

R 41

R 42

R 43

R 44

R 46

R 47

R 49

R 52

R 53

R 54

R 55

R 59

R 60

R 62

R 66

R 67

R 69

R 70

R 71

R 74

R 77

Specific Obverses and Reverses are also indicated by there presence in Sylloges and Auction Catalogues: R -numbers: The Randazzo Hoard 1980 and Sicilian Chronology in the Early Fifth Century B.C. A -numbers: SNG ANS Ah -numbers: SNG Aarhus M -numbers: SNG München IV -numbers: SNG IV Fitzwilliam Museum: Leake and General Collections V -numbers: SNG V Ashmolean Museum Oxford VII-numbers: SNG VII Manchester University Museum C -numbers: SNG Copenhagen Bu -numbers: SNG Budapest B -numbers: BMC D -numbers: Dewing Collection B9868 : Harlan J. Berk Ltd, 98th buy or bid sale no. 68 E64106 : nv JEAN ELSEN sa auction 64 106 MM -numbers: Münzen und Medaillen AG, Basel P -numbers: Pozzi Collection SG -numbers: Superior Galleries 1987 TI -numbers: Triton I Auction 1167 : Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction L (2001) no. 1167