Group III, Group IV

Die-coupling of the tetradrachms of Leontinoi O: Obverse on the horizontal axes, R: Reverse on the vertical axes Linked die-couples (either by obverse or by reverse) are indicated by colors. For more information about a specific die combination click the number. Numbers (die combinations) with blue borders are illustrated.

O 33

O 34

O 36

O 39

O 41

R 80

R 83

R 87

R 88

R 90

R 94

Specific Obverses and Reverses are also indicated by there presence in Sylloges and Auction Catalogues: R -numbers: The Randazzo Hoard 1980 and Sicilian Chronology in the Early Fifth Century B.C. A -numbers: SNG ANS M -numbers: SNG München V -numbers: SNG V Ashmolean Museum Oxford C -numbers: SNG Copenhagen D -numbers: Dewing Collection SG-numbers: Superior Galleries 1987 1167 : Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction L (2001) no. 1167 The arrangement is largely as given by SNG ANS. Linked obverses and reverses, which were far apart, were rearranged. For a better description of the die-coupling of the tetradrachms of Leontinoi we have to await the study of the mint of Leontinoi (in preparation, see Rutter NK (1997) Greek Coinages of Southern Italy and Sicily, Spink London, p 129).