triobol of Terina, 420-400 BC

Obv. hd. of the nymph Terina
Rev. Nike seated

Holloway-Jenkins 74   1.09 g   Kirk Davis, list 34 (2001) no. 23

H-J 71-73 74B 76-78 1st specimen
H-J 71-73 74B 76-78 2nd specimen

H-J 71    hd r. spendone P /Nike seated l. TEPI l. downwards, P, bird-tipped scepter in r. hand
H-J 72    ,,               /idem holding flower horozontally
H-J 73    ,,               /idem holding flower vertically
H-J 74 A  hd l. spendone P?/Nike seated l. TEPI(N), P?, holding wreath
H-J 74 B  hd r. ,,
H-J 75    as 71            /Nike seated r. holding wreath and bird in l. hand
H-J 76    hd r. spendone   /Nike seated l. TEPI around, holding filleted caduceus
H-J 77    ,,               /Nike seated l., holding bell
H-J 78    hd r. hair rolled around ampyx D?/Nike seated l. TEPI around, P, holding filleted caduceus