didrachm/stater/nomos of Tarentum, 344-340 BC

time of 1st Lucanian war in which Archidamos III (king of Sparta 360-338 BC) helped Tarentum against the local barbarians. Died in the battle of Mandurion.

Obv. horse and helmeted warrior r with spear and large round shield behind. Letter?: T
Rev. dolphin-rider (Taras) with trident and round shield. Waves beneath. Text TARAS, letter A beneath dolphin. Test cut? between the hind-legs of the horse and the legs of the man.

Vlasto 518                 7.62 g             Kunsthandel M. Zilverberg 1995 b
Fischer-Bossert 681o (this coin?), V259/R528


1st specimen
2nd specimen

See die-coupling didrachms (Fischer-Bossert 629-692)