stater of Metapontion, 340-330 BC

Obv. hd hero Tharragoras, wearing Corinthian helmet
Rev. barley corn, META l, trophy r.

Noe 3 A7.13   7.85 g   LHS Numismatik AG Auction 100, 2007 no. 115, c. 330 BC

hd Tharragoras l. THARRAGORAS 2 behind/ear of barley, oinochoe? l., META ONA r

A6.11   7.67 private collection (illustrated in Noe-Johnston part 3)

hd Tharragoras r. S behind or under chin/ear of barley, META l, trophy pi r.

A7.13   7.85 g   LHS Numismatik AG Auction 100
A7.16   7.88 g   Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger Auction 371 (2002) 9. Price realized: 3,100 EUR
        7.76 g   Numismatica Ars Classica Auction P (2005) 1062. Price realized: 525 CHF  (approx. 432 U.S. Dollars)