Siris and Pyxos

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Siris situated between Metapontion and Sybaris on the Ionian coast.
early 7C BC      Ionian colony (Colophon, Kolophon Ionia).
first half 6C BC Siris was attacked and destroyed by Metapontion, Kroton and Sybaris.
... BC           successor Siris?

From Siris (Mar Ionio) there was a direct way to the Mar Tirreno via the Siri river (Fiume Sinni),
south of the Monte Sirino (2005 m), Lagonegro (Sironos?) towards Pyxos.  

Pyxus, Pyxos, Pyxoes, Pyxous, Roman Buxentum (Policastro Bussentino)
situated on the Tyrrhenian coast (Golfo di Policastro).
Sirinos (Sirino) may be located west of the Monte Sirino at the modern Lagonegro.
Both Pyxos and Sirinos were probably Hellenized native settlements in an area with Sybarite influence.

471/70           Foundation of Pyxous/Buxentum

The coins with obverse legend SIRINOS and reverse legend PYXOES or PYX
were perhaps issued by
- a 'Sirinian Pyxous', the home of refugees from Siris after its destruction
- by Pyxoes/Sirinos on the Tyrrhenian coast.

see CM Kraay (1976), F Catalli (1995) and NK Rutter (1997)